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Auto Parts Experts You Can Trust

Who We Are

       Since 1979, General Auto Recycling has served New England and Nationwide with an impressive     selection of original and high quality recycled auto parts.

  • We provide auto parts for individuals, repair shops, dealers and resellers.

  • Our recycling center is designed for efficient usage to maximize your savings when selecting us for your used auto parts.

  • From the engine to the oil, nothing is wasted. Our engines are tested and bio-cleaned.

  • Transmissions are tested / inspected and everything is electronically tagged, sorted and housed in our clean facility.

  • Our trucks go out daily for deliveries to our local merchants. Long distance freight shipping everyday!

  • All our staff are experienced, knowledgeable and ready to assist you with any and all your parts needs.





As we look back over our 30 plus years in business the platform for recycling is ever changing. We embrace this positive change as we too are growing...changing and evolving.

Specializing in high quality late model used parts.

We Provide Local Delivery to New England and Nationwide Freight Shipping Daily!

High Quality Used Auto Parts

  • Mirrors, bumpers, side panels

  • Wheels, window glass, tail lights

  • Transmissions, hybrid batteries

  • Hoods, doors, engines, shafts

  • Axles, electronics, consoles

  • And so much more...


Tel. (401) 624-6687

Fax (401) 625-1040

384 King Rd, Tiverton, RI 02878, USA

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Infiniti Q50 parts available.